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I have been a devotee of fashion for as long as I can remember. My Oma was a seamstress and would make all of my sisters and my clothes when we were younger. Seeing her turn a flat piece of fabric into shapes that fit and made me feel special, are all apart of why I was drawn to this industry.

My process was always dictated by the fabric first, many an hour was spent touching my way through Paddy’s Markets in Brisbane, or through my Oma’s collection. Flicking through a pattern book was my next step and there was always frustration as I could never find exactly what I wanted, so modifications were always required. These requests were always well discussed with Oma and with a flick of her measuring tape, the final process began. Fittings were always done, and I was able to feel special in the unique items that were being made for me.

Collection day was the most exciting, as I knew it was finally mine and I could show it off to my friends.

From a young age, I was eager to sew and create, my first year of Home Economics was what gave me more confidence on a machine and soon I was helping my friends in class. I can recall doing additional TAFE courses to learn patternmaking and drafting and when I was old enough, I started working for Scaffs Fabrics at Toombul. I went to my interview in a blouse that I had made from a Vogue pattern and had found my happy place, amongst some of the most beautiful fabrics in Brisbane.

I continued to design and create for myself and my friends, with my school formal outfit being my most complex work completed. While studying and working on my portfolio I only had my sight set on attending Mt Gravatt Tafe, Fashion Design course. On acceptance to this once prestigious course, I then spent three years fine tuning my design and tailoring skills.

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