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At Pear and Square we agree that our industry needs to lead the changes required to make clothing truly circular.

We are spending more time on our patternmaking to ensure that the cut and fit of our clothes are to a higher standard than other fashion brands. We know that grading a pattern is just more than making it bigger, it needs to be considerate of the changes in our body shape.

What is your body shape?

Pear Shape

People with a pear body shape have narrower shoulders and bust compared to their hips and thighs, creating a silhouette that resembles the shape of a pear.

Square Shape

People with a square, rectangle or pear body shape tend to have shoulders, bust, and hips that are similar in width, with little waist definition.

So what styles suit your body shape?

The Pear Body Shape

The key to dressing this body shape is to take attention away from the wider hips and to draw it towards the upper body and defined waist instead.
You want to create the illusion of volume on the upper body while emphasising the waist and de-emphasising the lower body to create a balanced silhouette.
This can be done with a wider neckline and shorter length shirt, an A-line skirt on a waisted dress.

The Square Shape

Highlight your best parts – usually the bust and/or legs – to help take attention away from the midsection.
Keep the clothing line straight to slightly fitted but fabric soft so you avoid unnecessary bulk around the bust, waist and tummy
This can be done with a more open neck shirt with a longer uneven hem, an empire line dress or straight leg pant.

Pear and Square will take the guess work out of choosing your fit. Each design will be labelled with the pear or square logo, so that you can be confident that the style will suit you.

The Company

I have always had challenges finding clothes that fit me well (and that I like), I was talking with a work colleague about this, and she responded that she has troubles with her pear shape.  From this conversation Pear and Square was immediately registered as a business name, and the idea for a women’s clothing range that is designed for pear and square shaped bodies was created. I have felt that this business name encapsulates my fashion goals and I have been spending time researching the market and how my product can stand out from the others.


When buying clothing that suits your body shape, there can be several benefits including:

Enhanced Appearance

Clothing that complements your body shape can highlight your best features and downplay areas you may be less confident about. This can lead to a more flattering and balanced appearance.

Improved Comfort

Clothing that fits well and is designed for your body shape tends to be more comfortable. Properly fitting clothes allow for ease of movement and reduce discomfort caused by overly tight or loose garments.

Boosted Confidence

When you feel good in what you’re wearing, your confidence tends to increase. Knowing that your outfit complements your body can have a positive impact on your self-esteem and how you carry yourself.

Streamlined Shopping

Knowing your body shape can help you narrow down your clothing choices when shopping. This can save you time and make the shopping experience more efficient.


Clothes that are tailored to your body shape are more likely to be versatile and work with a variety of other pieces in your wardrobe. This can lead to more mix-and-match options.

Professional Appearance

Properly fitting clothes can contribute to a more polished and professional look, which is important in many workplaces and social settings.

Avoiding Fashion Mistakes

Wearing clothes that don’t suit your body shape might accentuate features you’d rather minimize or make you look disproportionate. Choosing clothes that align with your body type can help you avoid common fashion mistakes.


Well-fitting, timeless clothing tends to have a longer lifespan in your wardrobe. Trends may come and go, but clothing that flatters your body shape will likely remain a staple.